Finding Answers and Solutions to Complex Medical Problems

So many parents wish to better understand the cause of their child’s neurodevelopmental disorders. I have dedicated my career to finding the causes of developmental disabilities. By focusing our research on medical abnormalities, we have found safe and effective treatments for some of these conditions.

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Clinical Services

What to expect in a clinical appointment.

Medical History

Detailed review of your child's medical history, present symptoms, diagnoses, tests performed, medications and treatments.

Current Snapshot

Review of your child's behavioral, sleep, social and developmental symptoms as evaluated by parents/caregivers.

Risk Factors

Discussion of past, present and future risk factors that could be impacting your child's condition, as well as risk mitigation opportunities.


A discussion of any labs or tests that may provide further actionable insight into your child's condition. These may include blood tests, urine tests, cheek swabs, or others.


Explanation of available treatments for your child's condition. Review of how the treatments work, as well as any risks, expected benefits, and alternatives.

Monitoring Progress

Ongoing monitoring of symptom severity and improvements over time to assess the effectiveness and response to treatmentsl

Meet your child's doctor

I believe that there is so much more we could be doing to help children with developmental disabilities.

Dr. Richard E. Frye, MD, PhD

Behavioral Child Neurologist


Helping Children Be Their Best

"[Dr. Frye] is doing important research on the biology of ASD to really improve the quality of life for patients and families."


Meghan's Mom

"We credit Dr. Frye with giving Reeve his childhood back. He uniquely identified and treated the root cause of Reeve's symptoms."


Reeve's Mom

Personalized Care for Your Child

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